Zone Diet - Switched up Steak & Mash - 3 blocks

Meat and vegetables can quickly get boring, but adding hummus as a side to your delightfully nutty roasted cauliflower makes this meal something you'll look forward to.

90g steak, cooked to your liking 
(rub surface with oil and sprinkle well with sea salt, pan fry or bbq) (3P)

2 cups cauliflower, roasted (½ C)

¼ cup sweet potato, mashed and drizzled with 1 teaspoon olive oil (1C + 3F)

1 cup zucchini, sliced and microwaved (1C)

1 tablespoon hummus (½ C)

Tip: if you are making this for one person from scratch, in a rush, you can microwave all the veggies instead of roasting. 

Meal prep tips: 

  • Cook and mash a heap of sweet potato for the week to quickly microwave as needed. 
  • Also, roast a heap of cauliflower and reheat in the oven while your steak is cooking (or microwave). 
  • Make your own hummus and know exactly what goes in it by blitzing a can of chickpeas (discard liquid), juice of a lemon, s+p and water to loosen. Keeps in the fridge 4 days. (¼ cup hummus = 1C)


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