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10 Great Gifts for Colleagues and Friends for under $15

Buying gifts for colleagues and friends, like those in parents groups or sports teams, can be difficult. With our budgets stretched, we want to acknowledge the friendship, but can't afford and it often isn't appropriate to splash out too much. But you still want to get something thoughtful that they'd like and that is practical. 

I despise useless and goofy (waste of money) presents that are often found at office parties. Instead of having to resort to the tacky, I have devised an awesome list of ideas you will be proud to treat your colleague, office Secret Santa or friend to, without dipping too deep into your holiday fund. Most of these gifts would appeal to both men and women. 

Envirosax Pretty reusable bags, perfect for carting your lunch or gym shoes to work.  $11.50

Cashtag keyring Allows you to hide cash or coins on your keyring.  Available at Howards Storage in store and online.  $14.95

Dry Pouch Fantastic for the beach and pool to keep your phone useable but dry and sand f…

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