Change A Head

I love hair.

Some chicks dig fashion. Some dig nails. Some dig makeup and beauty. While I like all of those things, I have mini-obsession with hair. I notice hair and I sometimes wish I followed my adolescent dream of doing hairdressing. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to be Australia’s oldest apprentice hairdresser.  

I love changing my hair and it’s time, people, it’s time.

I have been a stay-at-home Mummy for three years. It’s awesome and I love it. Sometimes I feel a bit out of touch with trends, not working outside the home, and it has been important to me not to fall into the Mummy uniform of ¾ pants, no mascara and a bob. Let’s face it, it’s out there….a lot. Having my hair long has been my way of making me feel feminine, sexy, fashionable and not Mumsy. Many of my friends have bobs and they rock them (no ¾ pants though!) so I’ve also worried I could look exactly like my three closest friends if I went to bobs-ville.

There’s a saying that if you wear your hair in a pony tail every day you have the wrong hair style. While I rarely wear a pony tail, preferring it out; straight, curled or waves, I am bored with it.

I am not scared of change, just that it won’t complement my face shape.  I’ve been short, red, blonde, fringed and everything in between over the years and integral to all of the good chops I’ve had were my hairdressers. (My favourite for almost 10 years, Melinda, moved to the country and had babies – if you need an award winning stylist in Warwick, drop me a line!). I have been with Phillipe at Oscar Oscar Hair Salon, Carindale for a couple of years now and trust him to execute my vision. We’ve chatted about a change and I think he’ll be doing cartwheels when I give him the thumbs up next week.

The round faced ladies amongst us will concur that face shape has a lot to do with what cut we choose. Long, layered hair gets a tick from the Round Face Hair Gods, so I’ve been playing by the rules. I don’t want boring, but have fairly conservative wardrobe, so I’d like something classic but a tiny bit edgy. But by crikey, Phillipe, slenderize these chubby cheeks, my friend!

Furiously Googling “inverted bob for round face” I found this. I want. But maybe a little shorter.

Done deal. Let’s do this! See you Friday, Phillipe!

Fast forward a week…..

I got what I wanted. So excited for this change. (Photography skills are questionable!).



Next on my wish list is one of the new GHD Eclipse stylers. I’ve had a GHD Salon Styler for yonks (you know, with the large plates for long hair), but seriously need a skinny one now.

Have you made a major look change?


  1. Hi Amy, I also had Philippe cut my hair at Carindale, Oscar Oscar, unfortunately he is no longer there. My hair misses him. Do you know if he is working at a new salon?


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