Raw Brownie

Hello! This is a super quick post as I'm feeling a bit busy to be blogging, but want to share this ripper of a recipe.

In a quest to satisfy my chocolate requirements while trying to eat a paleo diet I have finally landed on a recipe that, while it's not quite chocolate, does go one step closer than my last post, I Can't Believe it's not Chocolate. Here's that one.... http://sensiblespice.blogspot.com.au/2012/01/i-cant-believe-its-not-chocolate.html

The crux of this recipe was taken from another recipe blog by a Twitter pal, Rhubarb Wine, although altered it slightly as I prefer no 'bits' in my brownie/fake chocolate, thank you very much. You can follow Rhuie on Twitter here https://twitter.com/#!/rhubarbwhine 

This recipe is sugar free and it's dairy free. Win!

I found organic medjool dates at a major supermarket. Win!

Raw Brownie

2 cups medjool dates (ie. fresh, smooshy dates, not from a packet)
1 cup raw cacoa
2 cups walnuts

Deseed dates. 

Blitz walnuts in food processor as finely as you can. (I have a Thermomix and milled them for 20 seconds on speed 10)

Add cacao to walnuts and blitz to mix. 

With the motor running (speed 5 or 6 on your Thermo) add a date at a time. When they're all in, give it a good whizz up to combine. 

It should look crumbly but hold together when pressed. 

Press into a square 20cm cake tin lined with baking paper and chill for a few hours. 

Cut when very cold and store in the fridge. 

Enjoy with reckless abandon! 

Mixed and crumbly, going in to the slice tin.
This tin was too big. I suggest you use a 20cm square. 

Pressing the mix with my favourite Tupperware scraper thing. 

Enjoying the treat with a coffee.
Ok, I rushed the milk pouring.
It should have been a heart but ended up looking a bit like a bum :)


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